Mount Elgon National Park

Monkeys, Elephants and Birds

For thousands of years, a dormant giant has towered over the Uganda-Kenya border. Occupied by the native Bagisu tribe, the slopes of mountain Elgon or mountain Masaba in the local dialect, are known to support the thriving of vast species of flora and fauna. Visit and trek up this giant for the breathtaking view of East Africa, at an overwhelming height of 4,400m

Mountain Elgon National Park boasts of housing over 300 species of birds and is therefore a paradise for bird watchers and lovers. Among the many bird species is the endangered and rare Lammergeyer, the bearded vulture, also known as the ossifrage which is a very large bird of prey. The park is also home to Moorland Francolin, Black-shouldered Kite, Tacazze Sunbird, Moustached Green Tinkerbird and the famous Alpine Chat. The Jackson’s Francolin and Black-collared Apalis are bird species that you will only find in Mt Elgon National Park. 

The park does not shelter many mammalian species. The most commonly sighted mammals by hikers are primates that include the Blue monkeys and black and White Colobus. There are also scattered herds of elephants in small numbers.

Guided nature walks in the  park to its summit are its biggest tourist attraction and can be experienced on three main trails. One of these passes through the tropical and bamboo forest with sights of primates, birds and rare trees like the Elgon teak and olive. Another is to the Chebonet falls which have an equally rich cultural history.

All that aside, Mt. Elgon is penetrated by highly-unusual caves. These include the larger caves of Kitum, Ngwarisha, Chepnyalil, and Makingeny, a stopover you shouldn’t miss on your trek.

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