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By visiting the wilderness and experiencing the wonders of nature, you raise awareness. It’s our belief that people and their wellbeing are critical to conservation and tourism. Communities that benefit from tourism, will have a stake in the conservation initiatives that support their livelihoods.

Uganda wildlife safari

Why Conservation Matters to Us

Responsible Travel

We promote travel by crafting safaris that maintain a small environmental footprint. All our safaris are private, and personalized for small groups.

For the Locals

We work with locals in the areas we visit. This way the benefits of, and need to conserve the environment directly impacts families and the community.

Local Solutions

We support communities that create relevant solutions for their local challenges, making a positive impact in education, and sanitation.

For Posterity

Indigenous know-how has been used to protect our natural heritage. If for no other reason, we want to leave this land a better inheritance for our children.

Beautiful and remote areas of Uganda

Kwezi Safaris is about providing an authentic Ugandan safari experience while also contributing to conservation efforts. Our safaris go to some of the most beautiful and remote areas of Uganda.

When you are there, you will realise what a privilege to explore and enjoy nature without the crowds. And only leave a small footprint in the wilderness.

We believe it is our responsibility to curate safaris that not only breathe new life in our guests, but also leave a positive impact on the communities. As a licensed safaris and tours operator, we partner with the Uganda Wildlife Authority to promote and sell the benefits of the national parks and reserves to both the guests and communities.

So, when you are long gone back home, your safari keeps giving to the communities neighboring the parks.  20% Uganda Wildlife’s receipts goes to the communities. This is used to support education and health. When people benefit from their natural heritage, they will protect it.

As a family business, Kwezi Outdoors continues to support innovative local solutions for community challenges beyond the reserves.