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Lake Mburo National Park

Waterbucks, Hyenas, Zebras, Topis, Shoebill stork

Located on the highway en route to western Uganda from Kampala, Lake Mburo is Uganda’s smallest savannah national park. It is considered an ideal stopover destination for tourists on their way to bigger parks in the western part of the country.

20% of the 260 square kilometers covered by Lake Mburo National Park are located in a wetland. With 13 lakes located in the region, Lake Mburo forms a 50km wetland system that is linked by a single swamp. Out of the 13 lakes, 5 are located within the park premises. Enjoy thrilling boat rides on these lakes that house numerous aquatic mammals. Because of the absence of elephants to tame the vegetation, Lake Mburo now contains large woodland ranges. The western part of the park comprises savannah plains interspersed with rock ridges, forested canyons, and patches of papyrus swamp.

Lake Mburo National Park is home to 300 bird species including cormorants, fish eagles, and pelicans. 

Flying shoebill stork spotted on a Kwezi Outdoors birding safari in Uganda



Lake Mburo National Park is home to a variety of wildlife, including zebras, impalas, topis, buffaloes, hippos, crocodiles, and various antelope species. The park is also known for its high concentration of Rothschild’s giraffes.

Walking Safari:

Walking safaris in Lake Mburo National Park offer opportunities to spot a wide range of wildlife. The park’s relatively small size makes it convenient for visitors to explore and encounter different species in a shorter time during a nature walk, biking or horseback safari.

a ranger with wildlife in lake mburo national park - uganda
walking safari in Lake Mburo National Park

Bird Watching:

The park is a haven for birdwatchers, with over 350 bird species recorded. The diverse habitats, including savannah, forests, and wetlands, attract a variety of birds such as the African finfoot, shoebill stork, and the rare red-faced barbet.

The Ankole Longhorn Cattle

The Ankole cattle, known for their distinctively long and curved horns, are a common sight in the areas surrounding Lake Mburo National Park in western Uganda. Ankole cattle are an indigenous breed to the region. The cattle are often regarded as a symbol of wealth and play a central role in various cultural ceremonies and rituals. Get to know more on a community tour.

Photographic Opportunities:

The distinctive appearance of Ankole cattle, with their impressive horns and various coat colors, makes them a favorite subject for photographers. Visitors to the region can capture images of these cattle against the scenic backdrop of Lake Mburo and its surroundings.

Hiking and Nature Walks:

warthogs out on the savanna - kwezi outdoorsGuided nature walks and hiking trails provide a chance to explore the park on foot. The Kazuma and Rubanga Forests are popular destinations for nature walks, offering opportunities to encounter primates and diverse plant life.

Boat Safaris:

Boat safaris on Lake Mburo provide a unique perspective of the park, allowing visitors to see hippos, crocodiles, and various water birds. The calm waters of the lake offer a tranquil experience.


The park is characterized by a mix of savannah grasslands, acacia woodlands, and lush wetlands. Lake Mburo itself is one of the park’s prominent features, surrounded by rolling hills and rocky outcrops.

a hippo out in the wilderness in uganda - kwezi outdoors

Lake Mburo:

Lake Mburo, from which the park derives its name, is a 260-square-kilometer freshwater lake. It is one of the five lakes within the park and provides a picturesque setting for various activities.


The park is home to the largest population of eland in Uganda. Eland, the world’s largest antelope, can often be seen grazing in the savannah.


Lake Mburo National Park is conveniently located along the highway between Kampala and the southwestern parks of Uganda, making it easily accessible for visitors traveling to or from other destinations. It is the nearest national park to Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.

Hyena and its puppy in Lake Mburo National Park
a giraffe and its mother in lake mburo national park - kwezi outdoors
Wildlife Lake in Mburo

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