Lake Mburo National Park

Waterbucks, Hyenas, Zebras, Topis, Shoebill stork

Located on the highway en route to western Uganda from Kampala, Lake Mburo is Uganda’s smallest savannah national park. It is considered an ideal stopover destination for tourists on their way to bigger parks in the western part of the country.

20% of the 260 square kilometers covered by Lake Mburo National Park are located in a wetland. With 13 lakes located in the region, Lake Mburo forms a 50km wetland system that is linked by a single swamp. Out of the 13 lakes, 5 are located within the park premises. Enjoy thrilling boat rides on these lakes that house numerous aquatic mammals. Because of the absence of elephants to tame the vegetation, Lake Mburo now contains large woodland ranges. The western part of the park comprises savannah plains interspersed with rock ridges, forested canyons, and patches of papyrus swamp.

Visit lake Mburo national park to encounter the rare and prehistoric shoebill stork. This rare bird species aside, Lake Mburo national park also houses 300 bird species including cormorants, fish eagles, pelicans, herons and many more. It is therefore considered a birdwatching haven. It is famous for its big numbers of impala but has a wide range of animal species to see during game drives including zebras, impalas, elands, buffalos, oribi, Defassa waterbuck, leopard, hippo, hyena, topi and reedbuck. 

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