Booking with Kwezi

Kwezi Outdoors organizes safaris in Uganda. Please read the Terms and Conditions herein carefully as they set out our respective obligations and form the basis of your contract with us.


  1. The information provided and prices quoted are based on tariffs, costs and taxes prevailing at that time, often many months before the travel season.
  2. The information and opinions given by us in respect of national parks, animal sightings, accommodation, itineraries, activity permits (gorilla and chimp tracking, fishing, photography) and security are given in good faith.
  3. Kwezi Outdoors works with provides transportation, accommodation, board, excursions and other services in cooperation with independent suppliers. We cannot be liable for modified information from third parties.


The information in the quotation must be crosschecked to ensure that the details therein are clearly understood and accurate.

The price of your safari package will be confirmed on receipt of your booking. We reserve the right to correct errors in both quotations and invoices and will do so as soon as they come to our notice. However, in the unlikely event that your safari package amount is increased by more than 10% of the original invoice amount, you may cancel your booking within 14 days from the date of the issue of the surcharge and obtain a full refund of all payments made with the exception of the gorilla permit fees.


The company reserves the right to vary the safari services agreed with the client in the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as road closures, bad weather, problems with national parks or hotels, security considerations. In such cases alternative arrangements will be made as circumstances permit.


Gorilla and chimpanzee tracking fees must be paid in full. Permits are competitive and it is essential to confirm booking as soon as possible.

Only when payment has been received can permits for gorilla and chimp tracking be purchased from the relevant authority. In the event of cancellationRefunds are at the discretion of the relevant authority and we cannot accept liability for them. However, we shall do all we can to obtain a refund and if is given by the relevant authority, we shall pass it on to the client.


At the time of booking you must confirm acceptance of these terms and conditions and pay a deposit of at least 40% of the quoted price of your holiday. If one is tracking gorillas or chimpanzees, a full advance payment of the permit fee is required to make the reservation.

If written acceptance is not received from you, we shall assume acceptance of the Terms and Conditions once you make the deposit.

The balance (60 per cent) must be paid in full before the start of the safari. It should be paid before coming for the holiday. We however reserve the right to request full payment at least 40 days before start of the safari.

Payments can only be made to the company account and in the company names stated on the invoice. The details are all spelt out in the company invoice. If in doubt, please contact Kwezi Outdoors before making the payment for us to confirm to you the correct bank details.


Occasionally we have to cancel confirmed bookings. We always endeavor to avoid canceling, but we must reserve the right to do so. We shall not cancel your confirmed holiday less than 60 days before departure unless we are forced to do so as a result of unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which we could not have avoided even with all due care.

If we cancel your holiday (except where you have failed to make payment or as a result of force majeure) we shall offer you the choice of purchasing an alternative holiday from us of a similar standard to that originally booked if available. If the chosen alternative is less expensive than your original holiday we shall refund the difference but if it is more expensive, we shall ask you to pay the difference.

Alternatively you are entitled to a full refund of all monies you have paid to us save that for mountain gorilla trekking permits which are paid in full to the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Except where we cancel for reasons other than those mentioned in this clause, we shall have no further liability to you. We regret we cannot pay any expenses, costs or losses incurred as a result of any cancellation.

We reserve the right, without prior notice, to terminate the holiday of any person in your party if, in our opinion or in the opinion of any other person in authority, the persons concerned behave in such a way to cause or be likely to cause danger, annoyance or distress to any third party or damage to property. In this situation, the person(s) concerned will be required to leave the accommodation or other service immediately. We shall have no further responsibility towards such person(s). No refunds will be made and we shall not pay any expenses or costs incurred as a result of the termination.


If you wish to cancel or amend your booking, we will make every effort to assist you. Requests for amendment or cancellation must be in writing, and signed by the signatory of the booking. If the cancellation is due to illness, work or other unavoidable commitments at work, it may be possible to transfer your safari package to a person acceptable to us.

You must request the transfer in writing at least 2 weeks in advance. Your request for a transfer must include the reason for the transfer, complete details of the person replacing you and written confirmation that your replacement agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions listed.

However, if it is complete cancellation; we are not guaranteed that we will resell your safari package, cancellation fees will be levied per person cancelling as described in the cancellation fees policy below.


If you cancel your booking for one or more persons, the following cancellation fees will apply per person as a percentage of their safari package cost. The period below is based on the time the cancellation notice was received at Kwezi Outdoors:

45-90 days or more before arrival 30% of tour price. Confirmed bookings cancelled within 45 days of the tour departure date or no show will incur 100% of tour price penalty charge.

Kwezi Outdoors