Semuliki National Park

In the western part of Uganda, Bundibugyo district, in a remote county called Bwamba, lies Semuliki National Park, which has also been termed the Bird Watcher’s Haven. Gazetted in 1932 as Semuliki Forest reserve, it was later upgraded to national park status because of the ever-increasing numbers of wildlife, especially bird species. Semuliki Forest is known as the only tract of true lowland tropical forest in East Africa.

The park is home to over 53 mammal species and 441 recorded but ever-increasing bird species. 216 of these are true forest birds, including the rare Oberländer’s ground thrush, lyre-tailed honeyguide, Sassi’s olive greenbul, and nine hornbill species. The mammals that thrive in the park include the African buffalo, leopard, hippopotamus, mona monkey, water chevrotain, bush babies, African civet, African elephant, and the Pygmy scaly-tailed flying squirrel Nine duiker species. In addition to this are over 460 butterfly species.  Treat yourself to these sights on safari game drives.

Wildlife aside, Semuliki National Park also harbours evidence of ancient earth-forming processes. Sempaya Hot Springs bubbling from the depths of the earth demonstrate the rift valley shaping earth forces that have been in play for the last 14 million years. A sight to see this one.

Track habituated chimpanzees at the spectacular Semliki Wildlife Reserve, encounter the rare and prehistoric shoebill stork and watch a variety of other bird species including some from Congo, visit the Sempaya Hot Springs that have a rich cultural history, and interact with the Batuku cattle keepers inhabit the open Semuliki plains, the Batwa pygmies that hunt and gather from the edges of the forest.

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