7 Day – Northern Loop Kidepo-Murchison Falls

7 Day – Northern Loop Kidepo-Murchison Falls

Get to see Africa’s Big Five on this great northern safari that takes you from end to end of Uganda. In the Kidepo Valley experience one of nature’s most solitude moments. There will be moments you will literary be alone for 10s of miles around– just you and the wildlife and great lands. This is the land of ostrich, cheetah and the lions. It is also home to the world’s biggest herd of cape buffalo.

Dance with the Karimojong before travelling west to Uganda’s largest and one of the most popular national parks, the Murchison Falls National Park. A game cruise on the Nile will open up a whole new world of wonders. And the Nile River crashing through a tiny 7 metre gap is one to behold.


– The big five lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino and leopard.
– Boat Cruise on the Nile.
– Abundant wildlife on game drive.
– Murchison Falls.
– Culture: Meet the Karamojong

Summary Tour

Day 1 – On the road into the wild northeast
Day 2 – Kidepo Valley National Park
Day 3 – Game drive and a feast on wildlife
Day 4 – A walk into the pride-lands
Day 5 – Murchison Falls National Park
Day 6 – Murchison Falls National Park
Day 7 – Drive to Kampala


Day 1 Start the Big 5 Count

You will be picked from your accommodation in Kampala, and drive north through gently rolling hills. It is a long drive so sit back and enjoy the morning breeze and the awakening towns, and you will pass along the highway. After about three hours you will be at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. The Big 5 count starts here. This sanctuary is a success story of the re-introduction of rhino into Uganda. An experienced guide at the sanctuary will take you out tracking the rhinos—starting your Big 5 count. After rhino tracking, start out farther north crossing the mighty Nile River as it crashes over the Karuma Falls. Continue to Kitgum Town for the night.

Day 2 Into the Kidepo Valley Wilderness

Set out early today to make it to Kidepo Valley National Park- a wilderness CNN has named among the Top 5 must visit places in Africa. Welcome to the most isolated park that leaves feeling all alone in this wide world. Your eyes will feast on great vistas of rolling plains into nothing, or rimmed by mountains rising into the hazy horizon. A winding road and total quiet will lead you on until you finally are in the park. Take an afternoon exploration to meet some of the residents of the pride-land- the world’s largest cape buffalo herd calls this place home. This will be your home too over the next few days. So today after that briefing, settle back in your camp as the sun sets over the wild savanna.

Day 3Game drive and a visual feast on wildlife

Get up and about early to catch the wildlife coming out for the morning graze. Together with your Uganda Wildlife guide, you will drive through the expansive savanna plains looking for the big four- lions, elephants, buffalo and leopards. There are plenty of zebras too running the plains. Head back for the lunch break before continuing the game drive in the afternoon into the Narus Valley a popular meeting place for all wildlife. It is also famous for its seasonal river, sands and palm trees. Head back to camp to enjoy another sunset and a night of stars.

Day 4A Walk into the Pride-Lands

Brace yourself for a walk into the wilderness. You will be probably the only humans for miles around as far as the eyes can see. Walking safaris are a great way of experiencing the wild. Fear not, you will be walking with Uganda Wildlife Authority rangers and guides who are very familiar with this park. The guides will lead you in tracking animals and there will be many in this morning glow. The walk also gives the opportunity to see the diverse plant and birdlife in the park. After the safari, settle back at your accommodation and enjoy a much deserved lunch.

In the afternoon, take a cultural tour to one of the Karamojong villages near the people. The Karamojong are much like the Masaai in lifestyle, dress, culture and stature. A glimpse into their manyatta (homesteads) and a dance in the village is certainly something you must have on your tour. Return to your camp for the night.

Day 5To the Wild West that is Murchison Falls National Park

Set off early after breakfast and drive through the wilderness to Murchison Falls National Park.
The park is one of Uganda’s renown ancient conservation areas and the largest of the national parks. The park has hosted some great personalities like including prime ministers, royals and the Queen of the United Kingdom. In 1951, Murchison Falls National Park provided a backdrop scenery for the movie “The African Queen”. The park covers an extensive chunk of land of about 3,893km2 and is known a variety of vegetation from riparian forests and swamplands to savanna. An equally diverse wildlife inhabits the area ranging including elephants, lions, hippos, buffalos and over 400 bird species.

Day 6Game Drive and Cruise on the Nile

Set out early by 6.30am and cross over to the north bank for your game drive. You will drive with a Uganda Wildlife Authority ranger/guide with a bank of knowledge about the park, its plants and animals. The four hour game drive will take you deep into the park and close to the Victoria Nile. Murchison Falls National Park is rich in wildlife and you will get to see elephant, buffalo, giraffes, warthogs, the Uganda kob and a variety of birds. Look out for the lions out for the morning meal.

Return to your accommodation for lunch after which you will take the afternoon boat cruise. Look out for the giant Nile crocodiles and the hippos. Finally you get to the highlight, the Nile River crushing down into the western rift valley. The Murchison Falls is probably one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world. At this point, part of the world’s longest river squeezes through a 6-7 metre wide gap on its way to the Mediterranean Sea. It is an amazing sight to behold. If you are booked for the hike, take the Baker Trail to the top of the falls- walking through the steps of the Banyoro and European explorers.

Day 7Walking Safari With the Game

Today is the last day of your adventure. Hopefully your Big 5 count is done. Set off early after breakfast hit the road back to Kampala. Enjoy the ride as you watch the countryside come to life. Once in Kampala or Entebbe check into your accommodation.

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