10 Day – Classic Family Adventure

10 Day – Classic Family Adventure

For thousands of years, explorers have been enchanted by the charm of the people and land of Uganda. Take your family on a quest of the wild, cultural experience and be enchanted by the gorgeous lands you travel through. Let the allure of adventure and discovery accompany you. Walk with mountain gorillas, spot the lions and listen to the song of over 1,000 bird species. This is Uganda the Pearl of Africa- it is a family adventure waiting for you.


– Murchison Falls.
– Tracking mountain gorillas, chimps.
– Boat cruise in the wild.
– Spot the rare tree-climbing lions.
– The charm of Lake Bunyonyi.

* Price includes your gorilla and chimpanzee tracking permits.

Tour Summary

Day 1 –   Off to the World’s Most Powerful Waterfalls.
Day 2 –   Game Drive and Murchison Falls Safari Cruise.
Day 3 –   Through Western Great Rift Valley.
Day 4 –   Track chimps in Kibale Forest- the chimp capital.
Day 5 –   Discover the wonders of the wild; cruise in search of game.
Day 6 –   Look out for the iconic tree-climbing lions.
Day 7 –   Face to Face with the Mountain Gorillas.
Day 8 –   Chill out in the place of the small birds- Lake Bunyonyi.
Day 9 –   Into cattle country and zebra.
Day 10Take a walking safari, then return to Kampala.


Day 1 Off to the World's Most Powerful Waterfalls

Set out early and drive north making a stopover at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary to track the endangered rhino on foot. Drive on till Murchison Falls National Park in the early afternoon. Continue to the top of the Murchison Falls where the mighty Nile River forces itself through a 6-7 metre wide gorge furiously tumbling down the escarpment to the bottom of the western Great Rift Valley. It is a breathtaking sight. From here drive on to your accommodation for dinner and overnight.

Day 2Game Drive and Nile Safari Cruise

Set out early with a Uganda Wildlife Authority ranger/guide with a bank of knowledge about the park, its plants and animals. The four hour game drive will take you deep into the park and close to the Victoria Nile. Murchison Falls National Park is rich in wildlife and you will get to see elephant, buffalo, giraffes, warthogs, the Uganda kob and a variety of birds. Look out for the lions out for the morning sun bath. In the afternoon, take the boat cruise to the Murchison Falls. Look out for the giant Nile crocodiles and the hippos. Elephants, and giraffes too will be out for a drink. Finally you get to the highlight, the Nile River crushing down into the western rift valley. The Murchison Falls is probably one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world.

Day 3Through the Great Western Rift Valley

Set off early for the day’s drive to Kibale Forest National Park under the shadows of the Mountains of the Moon. The drive ahead is long but use this opportunity to unwind, soak in the green forests and hills; and awake with the towns and villages likes beads on the string of a highway. Over the days before and those to come, you will be taking tea – and it is likely some of it is from this plantations. And certainly some of the sugar you have enjoyed and will be taking is from the green sugarcane plantations you drive through! You will arrive at your accommodation in the late afternoon.

Day 4 Track chimps

Kibale National Park is most famous for having the highest concentration of primates in Eastern Africa. Your Uganda Wildlife Authority guide and tracking team will take you on a four to five hour experience as you search the forest for the chimps. Once you find the chimp group, you will spend a precious 1 hour with them. You will follow it around the forest as you get a peek into the chimps’ life and family interactions. Beyond the chimps you will also get to see and hear a host of birds, and other primates.
In the afternoon, hit the road for travel farther south crossing the Equator and then into the Queen Elizabeth National Park. You can choose to spend the afternoon exploring the savannah looking out for game. You will also get to see the explosion crater lakes formed at the birth of the western Great Rift Valley.

Day 5Game drive & boat cruise safari

Today look out for herds of buffalo, elephants, warthogs, and a variety of antelopes. And if you are lucky, the elusive leopard in the thicket. Of course at the top of the list is the hunt for the lions. After the morning game drive, travel back to your hotel for an easy lunch before taking the afternoon cruise safari on the Kazinga Channel that connects lakes George and Edward. The two lakes are named after the brothers Kings Edward and George of the United Kingdom. You will get to meet (without getting off the boat) some of the villagers who live in the park.
This cruise brings you up close with more wildlife and lots of birds. There is plenty of birdlife representing some of the 600 species here. After the cruise transfer back to your hotel and enjoy the evening.

Day 6Look out for the Iconic Tree-climbing lions

Today you travel through the southern sector of the park on your way Bwindi. This route takes you through the Ishasha plains famous for the tree-climbing lions. But for the big cats of Ishasha, much of the day is spent in the fig trees of the western savanna. Your journey continues south leaving the plains as you rise through forests, and tea plantations. You will reach Bwindi Impenetrable National Park before dusk with time to soak in the great vistas of the ancient rainforest and the sunset

Day 7Go Gorilla Tracking

This is the day that only one who has experienced it can describe. Today you get intimate and close with a family of the endangered mountain gorillas of Uganda. The tracking begins with an orientation by the Uganda Wildlife Authority rangers. It is about the history of this ancient forest, the forest residents, tracking and interacting with the mountain gorilla family and everything else that makes this park a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Your one hour encounter will allow you see mothers nurse, baby gorillas play and move around as the family feeds. This magical hour is like a handful of minutes and you will soon be on your way back to your hotel with memories of this wonderful new world. You are officially now one of few in the whole world to have this intimate relationship with the mountain gorillas of Uganda. Spend the evening in the listening to the sounds of one of earth’s oldest rainforests.

Day 8Let nature's beauty spoil you

It has been a fast hike from park to park over the last five days. There is nothing more rewarding than chilling out in one of Africa’s most beautiful highlands and lake region. Welcome to Lake Bunyonyi in the Kigezi highlands. In the Rukiga language of the locals, “Bunyonyi” means “small birds” and this place has plenty of them. Take a canoe to explore the amazing beauty of Lake Bunyonyi and its 29 islands. Or take a swim in the cool and safe waters. Later in the evening enjoy a dish of crayfish under the beautiful starlight heavens (weather permitting).

Day 9Into longhorn and zebra countryside

Set off early and descend from the gorilla highlands down to the rolling hill and plains of Lake Mburo National Park just 200 km out of Kampala on the southwestern tourism circuit. Lake Mburo is Uganda’s only southern hemisphere park with zebra and giraffe. Be on the lookout for these beautiful animals. In the afternoon take a cultural tour to meet the keepers of the famous Ankole longhorn cattle– get an introduction into cattle culture.

Day 10Walking safari

Set out early in the morning for a walking safari with your guide and ranger from the Uganda Wildlife Authority. The absence of the big cats like the lion make Lake Mburo National Park a favorite for walking safaris. Walking will bring you up close to the wildlife. Look out for giraffe, zebra, a variety of antelopes, warthogs and several bird species. In the afternoon, head to Kampala, crossing the equator again and arriving in the sunset.

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There are several options for accommodation offering different levels of comfort and pricing. These range from budget accommodation to mid-range and high end options. Sometimes, the choice of accommodation is influenced by the activities you are interested in taking. Contact us and we will work with you to choose your ideal safari accommodations within your needs and budget.


Price Includes

  • Bottled water while in travel
  • Accommodation in approved facility
  • Tour Guide
  • All tracking permits included
  • All transportation in destination location

Price Excludes

  • Tips
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Any Private Expenses and Items of Personal Nature
  • Room Service Fees
  • Any items not listed in the approved itinerary