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Shroud in mystery, mist and legend, the Rwenzori Mountains, Africa’s third highest and most dramatic mountain range remains largely unexplored. The trek in this UN World Heritage Site goes through a surreal world of tropical forest, afro montane, bamboo, heather, lobelia gardens and glaciers.

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Day 1: Fly west to the Mountains of the Moon

This is largely a travel day from Entebbe to the western town of Kasese. Transfer by air from Entebbe International Airport to Kasese airfield at the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains in western Uganda. Our guide will pick you up and transfer you to your accommodation. Check in rest or explore town as you prepare for the next day’s start of the mountain trek in the Rwenzori mountains.

Day 2: Start hike into the Rwenzori Afro Montane Forest

This is the start of the Trek: After an early breakfast at your hotel in Kasese, your guide will drive you to the trek starting point at Trekkers Hostel. The trek into the Rwenzori Mountains National Park starts off at 1450 meters. After the briefing from the guides, start the trek into the Mountains of the Moon. Warm dinner and overnight here.

Day 3: Bamboo Zone and Mystic Heather Trees

Hike to Mutinda Camp which sits near a small waterfall. You will be staying here for the night. You can now wash, refresh and simply enjoy being in the Mountains of the Moon. Or if you do have what it takes, climb up to the Mutinda Lookout. You will be rewarded with great views.

Day 4: In the land of everlasting flowers and giant lobelias

The day’s trek will take you hopping from tussock to tussock through the garden of everlasting flowers and giant lobelia in the Mutinda Valley. Amazingly unique and beautiful plant species, streams and waterfalls are everywhere along your trail.

Day 5: Malachite sunbirds, glacial lakes, snowcapped peaks

Start out at 8.30am after a hot breakfast. Hike to Hunwick’s camp on the top of a deep valley. From here you have good views of Mt Stanley, Mt Baker, and Weismanns Peak. The garden is a favorite of the scarlet-tufted malachite sunbird, which is common and endemic to the Rwenzori Mountains.

Day 6: Steeped in royal history to Margherita Camp

You could call this a historic trek as you walk across small rivers, through beautiful landscapes up to the Scott Elliott Pass and then on to Margherita Camp. In 1906, Italian Prince Luigi Amadeo di Savoia, the Duke of the Abruzzi, set up camp here on his way to the top of the Mountains of the Moon.

Day 7: On to Margherita Peak, the rooftop of Uganda

Wake up at 2:00am and have an early breakfast and set off to climb Mt Stanley going through its glaciers to the summit of Margherita peak at 5,109metres. Then descend down to Hunwicks camp at 3,974 meters for the night. The Rwenzori Mountains have Africa’s third highest peak after Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya.

Day 8: Hiking with the Hyrax

We start the day by climbing up a ridge towards McConnell’s Prong and then descend to Kiharo camp. The camp is set in a deep valley with high cliffs and dense vegetation.

Day 9: So long Beautiful Rwenzori – the Mountains of the Moon

It is time to say goodbye to Africa’s greatest secret and botanical garden. Enjoy the sunrise before breakfast and the trek back to base. The trail down the Nyamwamba Valley is absolutely stunning with beautiful views, moss covered rocks along the river, cascading waterfalls, deep valleys and forests. A great experience and ending to a fantastic trek. Move on to your accommodation outside the park to freshen up and rest for tonight.

Day 10: Travel back to Entebbe and onward home

Have a leisurely breakfast before transferring to Entebbe International Airport. Depending on your flight schedule, you could use shop around the city markets before you travel back home. It is always an honor to serve you and our team is flexible to have add-ons like gorilla, chimp or other safaris.

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